Airline Review: Thai Airways Business Class

I have always seen flying Business Class as a marker of success in life; something that will happen when I have ‘made it’.

Apparently that day was February 28th 2011. I turn left for the first time and find myself in a large room full of space age recliners, complete with toiletry bags, pillows and blankets. I am discombobulated. Where are the screaming babies and the farting elderly?

A delicate Thai flight attendant offers me a glass of Piper Heidsieck and in a moment of professionalism, I decline. I am in Business Class for work; not to get tipsy on expensive bubbly (look at me being all grown-up!).

As the flight progresses, flight attendants that look a little bit like a Thai version of geishas float around me, delivering earphones, drinks, menus and meals.  Due to exhaustion from aforementioned work, I fully recline my seat (!) and have a kip. The only disturbance is the slight drone of the engine (which has a positive effect on me – engine noise = airborne = not plummeting from the sky).

The in-flight movie selection is vast and I am in the mood for fluffy so I settle in to watch Morning Glory and Megamind. Naturally, I find them both utterly hilarious, proving that everything is funnier when you’re in Business Class.

The main meal is made up of an entree salad that is a little heavy on the combo meats for my liking but the next dish is gang kiew wan (green chicken curry) that is juicy and has a pleasant heat to it.

Ahh. Maybe I will have another nap. The drool starts and I am off to la la land in no time. I wake up in a puddle of my own saliva when we’re already on the tarmac. Puzzled, I look out the window. We’re here and yet I don’t feel like I want to kill myself or anybody else on the plane, which is how I normally feel after an international flight. Weird.

It’s not like I am desperate to do work when I get off the plane but I am not handicapped like I usually am, proving that Business Class really is the choice for people who have made it (like me).

4 comments on “Airline Review: Thai Airways Business Class

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  2. haha! Love it! The last line was my favourite.
    Have no idea why you refused the piper heidseck, though:-)

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