Who are the coolest people in the world?


If you had to change nationality, what would you change to?

I am very happy to be born Australian because I love Aussies’ laconic sense of humour, willingness to help people, love of sunshine, beaches and BBQs and of course, there’s AUSTRALIA. I mean, have you seen this place?!

Having said that, there’s plenty we need to improve. Our treatment of and respect for Aboriginal people, refugees, and our lackadaisical approach to climate change and environmental protection, for starters.

But if I had to change overnight, I would become Hawaiian. Why? Because native Hawaiian people are some of the most beautiful people I have ever met. The culture centres on a love and respect for family, nature, and ancient traditions of healing, poetry, song, dance and connection to ancestors. It’s deeply respectful and spiritual. My encounters with Hawaiian culture are the closest thing to a religious experience I have ever had. Plus it’s relaxed and fun. Clothing is loose and practical, and thongs are standard issue footwear. Hawaiians seem to spend loads of time at the beach or in nature and that’s something I can get behind.

But of course there’s French elan, Italian dolce vita, the joyfulness of Africa, the sassiness of South America, the progressive nature of Scandinavia, the chattiness of the Brits. There’s so much to love.

What would you be?


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