Quirky things to do on the Gold Coast

The bikini tree. Image courtesy of the Travel Tart
The bikini tree. Image courtesy of the Travel Tart

Picture this: the warm golden haze dancing gently across your skin; the feel of the humid seaside air filling your lungs; sparkling sand tickling your toes; cool crystalline waters crashing along the shoreline; screams of delight from kids and the young at heart; and the buzz of a party at every turn.

When the land down under starts to have entertainment at every corner, you know you’re in the Gold Coast. What else can you expect when you’re in a place that’s ‘Famous for FUN’? But beyond the usual theme parks, eco tours, and foodie adventures, there’s a wonderfully weird and quirky side that you wouldn’t want to miss. Should you decide to visit The Goldy, you may want to drive a car hire from Gold Coast and explore both the usual and offbeat tourist attractions. It will be cheaper, easier, and more convenient for you to explore the area.

Take a picture next to the Bikini Tree
Hop in a car and take a smooth drive to Mission Beach. It’s an awesome place to kick back, relax, and get away from the hectic buzz of the city. Spend the day there bumming around on the golden sand, enjoying the vibrant art and culture of the place, and sampling as much of food in the cafes, bistros, restaurants, and bars as you can handle.

While that sounds like a normal day in a beautiful beach, we did say that this was going to things to do that are a little more offbeat. Before you end your fabulous day at Mission Beach, make sure to stop by this one special tree that you’re sure to laugh at. My speculation is that this is probably the result of one bloke having a spark of creativity and a few too many lagers. Although, it may be too masterfully crafted to be the work of someone in an inebriated state. Either way, take time to enjoy the quirkiness of this lady in red and snap an Instagram-worthy photo by posing beside the Bikini Tree in a red bikini. #fierce

PS. If you’re a guy, do it anyway. It’s going to make for some interesting comment threads on your Facebook page.

Look For The Dead in Surfer’s Paradise
Discover the dark and seedy centre of greed and betrayal as the lanterns show you the way and tell you scandalous stories of the dearly (and not so dearly) departed of Surfer’s Paradise. Park your car, put on some comfy shoes and, for the next hour and a half, walk with the lanterns as they tour you through the most unnerving spots in the city. From the frighteningly cold streets to the cemetery, beware of that sudden chill around the base of your neck. By that time, you know there’s paranormal activity very near you.

Video by Lantern Ghost Tour

Build up some strength and courage with a hearty bite before the tour with the Lantern Ghost Tour’s dinner and tour option. For their schedule of tours, check out the Lantern Ghost Tour website.

These two weird enough for you? If you’ve tried any of them or if you have any other weird things to do around the Gold Coast, tell us about them in the comments.

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