Billy Connolly

Be yourself

I have developed a bit of a philosophical crush on Billy Connolly aka ‘The Big Yin’. Why? Because after reading one of his books, it’s vividly apparent that he is 100% authentic. He doesn’t lie. He doesn’t try to puff himself up. He is fearlessly opinionated and self-aware. If it’s cold, he’ll complain about freezing his bollocks off. If he’s happy, he will pepper the pages with adjectives that you’re not supposed to use in good writing and profanity that you’re not supposed to use at all.

Billy Connolly
Billy Connolly: be still my beating cerebellum

That’s also why I love David Sedaris so much. And Ruby Wax. Big mouths, brave hearts and a sharp sense of the hilarious. This is also why I hate molecular gastronomy. Everything gets mushed, foamed, deconstructed and rejigged. It annoys me. What’s so wrong with something being recognisably ‘potato’?

Why is there so much glossing over, polishing and obfuscation?

If you wipe off all the make up, let out your hair, undress and look in the mirror, who are you? What is underneath all of that? Isn’t that interesting?




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