Being single sucks

Some people are cut out for the lone wolf thing. I am not.

Not all wolves like being alone

I hate sleeping alone.

I want someone to cuddle on the couch, have brunch and go on romantic holidays with.

I know that being in a couple can suck waaaaay worse than being single. Sitting on the couch with a partner who ignores you is soul destroying, having breakfast with a cranky guy sucks and spending your holiday fighting defeats the purpose.

But what if you could find someone you love hanging out with who also finds you unbelievably attractive? That’s what I’m holding out for.

I am not unrealistic. I know that shit goes wrong. Life is a total mess of excruciating beauty and comforting ugliness. No relationship is safe.

And that’s why I have to wait. If I have to go through all of that, I’m doing it with someone who thinks I’m hot. Even when I’m lost. Even when I’m broke. Even when I’m stupid. Which, as it happens, is fairly often.

So being single, for the time being, is excellent. I’m not with the wrong person. I’m not dating people just for the hell of it. I’m shushing the little voice that wonders if I’ve blown my chances.

Are you happily single/coupled up? Or are you miserably single/coupled up? Or are you both, which is entirely possible too?



1 comment on “Being single sucks

  1. Hahaha you bring joy to my world!

    I’m happily single.

    Some days I would like to share my life with someone – but the RIGHT person. I’ve got so many wonderful friends and family, and there are so many great places to see! Why would I waste my time on the wrong person??

    When they come along – you will know! And it will not always be easy, but the great days will be better than AMAZING!! xx

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