Thank you

Nothing hides lumpy bits quite like a Nancy Ganz girdle and a few hundred stuffed toys

It’s Oscars season so I just feel like going on a juice diet, putting on a frock and saying thank you.

Firstly, thank you to the tech dudes at Marfeel. Because of them, you can now read SheGoes on your phone and e-reader without squinting like you’re looking at the sun.

Thank you to my sponsors whose support allows me to eat at the end of each pay period. I’m not actually kidding.

But above all, thank YOU for reading this blog and sharing your personal stories.

I know SheGoes started out as a travel blog but has increasingly become about life and feelings and crap like that. I feel compelled to talk about this stuff because sometimes I feel alone and I’m guessing you do too. I hope talking about it helps.

Thank you.







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