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Dear Aunty Em

add as friend
If you have exchanged body fluids of any kind (even tears), it’s OK to facebook friend each other

‘How many dates is acceptable before you friend request … or do you even?’

– Friendly Fire

Dear Friendly Fire,

Before I can answer your question, I need to define the use of the word ‘date’. By date, do you mean a civilised coffee enjoyed in public? Or do you mean five bottles of wine followed by a backseat blowjob?

The reason I ask is this: how intimate have you become with this person? And do you really consider them your friend or are you just trying to gain access to the pics of them and their ex-girlfriend?

I think it’s fine to friend request someone after five seconds if there is a genuine sense of connection, camaraderie and simpatico but if you are mostly trying to facestalk them and you haven’t gotten to the tongue wrangling stage, it’s probably a little bit too soon to go making it first base facebook official.

Thoughts, dear readers?

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  1. Several times I’ve had women ask to friend me on FB when we were arranging a first date from a dating site. I thought it was weird at first but I guess it makes sense if you want to see that the other person is open and has pictures/friends that corroborate anything they’ve told you online.

    I was quite ok with it.

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