Dear Aunty Em: Making lurve


‘Closing our eyes whilst making love seems perfectly natural and acceptable, but there are times one wants to hold a lovers gaze. Is it arousing, confronting, beautiful or weird?’
– Eyeballs

Dear Eyeballs,

Like all things in sex, it totally depends on your partner. Some people cannot get enough of bananas up their butt while others find banana smoothies too kinky. If you like to have a deep, emotional staring competition, you’d better make damn sure your partner is into it too.

Like the old lights on/lights off debate, some people will love the intense connection of mid-coital eye contact, while others will be totally freaked out and will scurry from the boudoir in horror as soon as they can politely extricate themselves.

In order to avoid becoming a story – the kind of yarn women tell each other while snortling into 1/2 litre glasses of Pinot Grigio – talk to your lady friend and ask her how she feels about eye contact and then work your way up to the banana-in-the-ass conversation if that’s what you’re into.




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