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Book clubThe power of special interest groups really hit home on the weekend when I was in the Hunter Valley with my book club.

We – a group of five – were talking about the various clubs you can be a member of; Upholstery Club, Taxidermy Club, a Skipakke (Belgian Barge Dog) Facebook group.

There is so much joy to be found in connecting with like-minded souls.

The women in my book club share a love of reading, but it turns out we love travel, food, wine and dogs as well. Not such rare interests but certainly ones that carry you through life in style.

They’re my tribe and I gain so much inspiration, motivation and fuel for thought from spending time with them. They’re funny and beautiful and clever and they make me feel that way too.

Whatever it is you love – and it really can be anything, from a love of owls to an interest in trains to a knack for a particular style of dance – find other people who share that love and hang out with them. Your life will be better for it.




1 comment on “Find your people

  1. Right back at you, Em!

    These are beautiful words and I love every minute of spending time with you. x

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