House vs home

I have been sleeping with my new flatmate. Sometimes he chews on the doona cover.

So I moved on the weekend. Another house but hopefully a home too.

I struggle with the share house thing. I pay rent, I pay┬ábills and I sleep and do laundry there. That’s pretty much where it ends.

My work life is so busy that the thought of returning to a house where things are anything less than peaceful and happy sends me into despair. I need a safe place where I can just be.

Because I have moved so many times, I have come up with a few handy tips to make the whole process a bit easier. Here they are:

  • Wrap breakables in clothes and towels. It saves┬áspace and you don’t have to wash newsprint off everything.
  • Use hard boxes like plastic storage containers or crates instead of cardboard boxes wherever possible because they stack better.
  • Buy a packing tape dispenser with in-built cutter so you don’t have to fiddle around with rolls of tape.
  • Hire removalists like these guys removalists Brisbane. Saves money on chiropractors and physio.
  • Get someone to mind your pet/s until the moving process is complete. You don’t want a freaked out pet running away in the midst of all those feet coming and going.
  • Pack a bag as though you are going away for the weekend so you can find your essential toiletries and at least one change of clean clothes easily.
  • Pack an Esky and/or thermos with water, tea and coffee and some snacks so you can have a break whenever you feel like it.

Have you got any good moving tips you would like to share?



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