How did we get here?

Do you ever find yourself wondering: How did we get here?

Things have been really tough lately with cancelled holiday plans, lockdown, working from home, job losses, loneliness and a raft of other life challenges unrelated to COVID.

So how do we cope when, like the shopping trolley pictured above, we find ourselves in an uncomfortable position with no way out?

The shopping trolley guide to zen

  1. Firstly, we accept the situation. Resistance wastes time and energy. I am a trolley stuck in a creek.
  2. Notice your surroundings. I am a shopping trolley stuck in a reasonably pleasant creek. The sun is shining. There’s a black swan that keeps waddling past. Hello swan!
  3. Feel the water on your wheels. The breeze on your handles. Feel into your magnificent trolley nature!
  4. Ask yourself: Who can help me get out of this creek? Who has the skills to pull me out?
  5. Reach out to them. Hello shopping trolley collectors! I could use a hand. I am gathering detritus and starting to rust.
  6. Patience: Wait for the trolley collector to come. Know that it will all be OK and that help is on the way.
  7. Accepting help: Ooh this feels awkward. I have a trolley collector all up in my business. I am bedraggled. Is that slime growing on my wheels?
  8. Gratitude: Yippee! I am standing upright. I am no longer in a creek.
  9. Lessons: What did I learn from my time stuck in the creek? How can I help other trolleys who find themselves waylaid?

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