Joey: A year in review

I have been a mum for nearly a year now. Our beautiful baby Joey turns one on Saturday.

So what’s it like? And have I learnt anything?

Without sounding hyperbolic, becoming a mum has given me a reason to live; a defined purpose that begins and ends with keeping my son happy and healthy. This takes up a lot of the space in my life that I used to fill with dumb ass things like drinking and partying.

I may not sleep all that well but I have definitely calmed down on the going out front. I hardly ever go anywhere these days. I cook at home. I walk around the neighbourhood. I watch more TV than I ever have before.

I finally feel like I have a home, and a family, and that I have a clear place in the middle of it.

And I just love him so much. This is not news. A lot of parents say this but this expansive, all-encompassing adoration is like a light that never goes out.

It’s this light that gets you through the dark bits. The long nights of breastfeeding, the never-ending washing and cleaning, and the exhaustion.

Watching your child grow and develop is pretty much the funnest thing ever, and making a baby laugh is the best thing on earth. Holding your sleeping child runs a pretty close second.

You give up a lot of your old life for this new life.

You give up sleep. You give up vanity. You give up being carefree.

You replace these things groundedness, tenderness and a lot of cleaning.

Your true friends stick with you. Your less attached friends drift off.

Your family want to hang out with you (read: the baby) more.

And the whole thing brings everyone together with the joint purpose of sharing in the wonderfully, deeply human thing that is raising a child.

A few things about Joey:

  • He LOVES bananas
  • He smiles a lot (he currently has three teeth)
  • He loves watching the water go down the drain in the bath
  • He thinks his sisters are hilarious
  • He loves swimming with his Dad
  • He is obsessed with the bins and the toilets (he’s a classy guy)
  • He knows how to use a hose and water the garden (proud Mum)
  • He tries to escape every time you try to dress him. Every morning involves chasing Joey and trying to put a nappy/t-shirt on him
  • He is the best

What did becoming a parent teach you? And what are your favourite bits?





2 comments on “Joey: A year in review

  1. Just beautiful words Emma, and they are invoking strong memories in me of when my beautiful daughter (now 21) was a baby and how she formed me just as much, if not more, than I formed her.

    I prided myself on being the funniest human on the planet, because that’s how she made me feel too.

    I couldn’t believe how much stuff was required to do to help that little human grow, but one of the most wonderful things motherhood taught me was to stop trying to do everything in one day – it just isn’t possible and it just isn’t that necessary.

    I look forward to seeing masses of birthday photos and reading about messy cake misadventures and great memories of Joey’s first birthday.

    Lots of love to you all,

  2. Happy 1st Birthday to your gorgeous Joey! Becoming a Mum certainly changes your whole perspective on life. Becoming a parent taught me to slow down and find joy in the moments. My two are wonderful and make me smile every day, but my favourite bits are definitely their birthdays and being able to reflect on their growth and development and cheekiness. I hope your Joeys first birthday is a fun filled day with laughs and lots of cake xx

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