Life and stuff: Do you have a ‘city’ persona?

do-you-have-a-city-personaI realised something really weird on the weekend. I have a Sydney persona that is quite different to my quieter country self.

Sydney Emma is way more defensive than Country Emma. She swears, she trash talks and she’s a bit of a smart ass. She is louder than the Country version and has better grooming and dress sense.

The Country Emma, on the other hand, speaks a bit slower, never wears shoes and is happiest when she is looking at an ink black sky strewn with stars, listening to the breeze blowing across open paddocks.

Do you have a ‘city’ persona? Does your behaviour change in different environments?

5 comments on “Life and stuff: Do you have a ‘city’ persona?

  1. I’m currently in Mallee persona…hair a mess…same clothes as yesterday…slippers or nothing. G’day to the neighbours who just turned up and don’t give a fig about how you look (and we have lots of fresh figs this morning). I’m waiting for the frogs to start hatching from the rain but it’s not heavy enough yet. I love the smell of the jasmine in the rain and listen to all the birds…City Persona if I was in Adelaide right now: slammed windows shut from neighbours smoking dope; drilling in apartment block woke me up; swearing under my breath; looking around anxiously wondering when i’ll leave and trying to get everything done quickly. Have at least eight unpacked boxes sitting in the same corner of my spare room for five years…this is not my home.

  2. Growing up in the inner west, I only have my city persona. I want to move to the country and discover country aimee!

  3. I actually have two “city” personas, one Sydney-me and one Melbourne-me. In Sydney I hate public transport and fight with my seat-neighbour on the bus who is taking half an inch more space than they should be, I take exactly 7 mins to get ready for work and look like it, and rush to get home elbowing people on the way. Melbourne-me has all the time in the world and chats to everyone on the trams marvelling at how wonderfully efficient the transport system is, helping the elderly carry their groceries off the trams and takes extra care in appearance by dressing in “funky” clothes with several colourful layers and stroll home.

  4. Having grown up in country Tamworth, one thing I notice with “City Steve” is that he can become anxious over nothing, can be shitty driving in sydney traffic, doesn’t say hello to complete strangers much at all and fights the crowds to get on and off the train. “Country Steve” on the other hand is a complete gentleman. Very relaxed, courteous in traffic and to strangers and without a care in the world. I have always thought I am my normal self outside of Sydney when I can see kangaroos, no traffic lights and not a high rise in sight. I believe where you grew up defines you and your DNA recognises when it is home and its defences come down…

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