Life and stuff: Stop putting up with bullsh*t

putting-up-with-other-peoples-bullshtAre there people in your life who make you feel like crap?

People who expect a lot but give nothing back?

People who are never there when you need them?

This week I am taking a stand. I am not putting up with anymore bullsh*t.

In typically airy-fairy style, this decision is based on two things: my horoscope and the advice of a very cool clairvoyant named Sarah Barry.

I went to see Sarah on Monday; my first day off in two weeks. Let’s just say I was feeling a little bit crabby.

Without going into too much detail, Sarah’s advice was thus;

  • Be bold. Be yourself. Take up some space!
  • Don’t be afraid to upset people. The people who support you will stand firm.
  • There is a fundamental shift occurring. After years of putting up with bullsh*t, it’s time to compassionately step away from people who continuously cause angst.
  • There will be more people coming into your life who respect and appreciate emotional intelligence.
  • It’s time to shine!

What a relief it was to hear her say this. I am constantly worrying about how my actions affect other people. I hate hurting people and I know that I often put myself down in order to make other people feel better or less threatened.

I am a big, loud girl. I know I can be scary. It was just so reassuring to hear someone say that it’s OK to be me.

My gift to you, Precious Readers, is this: It’s totally OK to be you. You are perfect just the way you are. You are loved (and the people who don’t love you can just go and get … !!! ).

Have you found a way of clearing the bullsh*t out of your life? Care to share?

8 comments on “Life and stuff: Stop putting up with bullsh*t

  1. I had this exact conversation with my aunt just before New Years – seriously, some of those points are almost word for word. Weird!

  2. To add to your clairvoyant’s message…you’re a bubble of fresh air, down-to-earth, genuine, talented and full of sunshine. Why are miserable sh*ts attracted? Moths to a flame. But don’t turn down your aura of golden rays to make others feel better. Just close the blind.

  3. So well put, Miss!

    I constantly worry how my actions might affect others, too – and I’ve honed my self-deprecation skills to such a degree I think it’s almost worthy of adding to my CV.

    It’s not airy-fairy to take the advice of those 2 stellar sages! I had a reading with Sarah 2 years ago and she was pretty darn good! And the AstroBaz always delivers.

    I think 2011 is beckoning many of us to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight! And if that means moving on from people who might stand in out way, or not support us, so be it. 🙂

  4. Well said Emma! I’ve noticed bull especially happens not only with friends but with dating.. there’s bull all around! Say exactly what you want as no matter how careful you are, there will always be a minority people who do not like you or that you unintentionally hurt, so to the hell with it, its so much easier to being just you 🙂

    Incidentally… do you have contact details for Sarah Barry? 🙂 We can all use reassurance!

  5. Very wise words. I’ve been practising ‘not being afraid to upset people’ for a while now, and I think we may have created a monster! But so far I haven’t been fired, or expunged from anyone’s life, so as long as it’s done compassionately, I think I’ll go right on saying what I think. Thanks for the reassuring post.

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