Hotel Review: Crowne Plaza Melbourne

crowne-plaza-melbourneThere is something to be said for reading your emails properly.

My colleague sent me a hotel confirmation last week and I glanced at it and saw the word, ‘Crown’ and immediately thought, ‘Casino!’ which then lead to a whole mental soundtrack of ‘Viva Las Vegas’.

Guess what? There are about four hotels in Melbourne that start with the word ‘Crown’.

After making some calls from the taxi on the way from the airport, I managed to figure out that I was booked in at the Crowne Plaza.

Sadness plus. No roulette. No high-class prostitute spotting. No tracksuit-clad pensioners.

Despite this bumpy start, Crowne Plaza managed to turn me around. The concierge looked like Robert De Niro and politely answered my stupid questions (Me: Where is the Convention Centre? Him: See that big building just over there?).

The room smelt like new carpet (yum). There were little notes all over the place encouraging me to relax, eat in, get some sleep. There was a complimentary lavender scented sleep mist spray on my pillow.

Did you forget you razor? (We’ll bring you one). Would you like an oil vaporiser with rose geranium scented oil delivered to your room? (Damn straight). Would you like proper plunger coffee with real milk as part of the service and not for some extortionate mini-bar price? (Yes please).

What’s more, they let you pick from a PILLOW MENU. I have the neck of a 95 year-old who has been crushed in a freak rockslide accident so this detail made me very happy. It was a shame that I didn’t see the pillow menu until morning so I slept on a giant fluffy feather pillow when I could have had them deliver something pancake flat to my room.

Oh Crowne Plaza, you make this whole business trip thing seem fun. I like how friendly you are. I like your convenient location opposite the Casino and Convention Centre. Most of all, I like your staff. Where do you find people who are that well-mannered before noon on a Sunday?

Crowne Plaza Melbourne, 1-5 Spencer St, Melbourne

5 comments on “Hotel Review: Crowne Plaza Melbourne

  1. Oh, no casino… my tweet about betting it all on black would have made no sense at all then. But that place sounds awesome!

  2. Oh Emma, next time you are in Melbourne, let me know. I could use a dose of a sunny Sydney-sider to brighten my spirits, and we could take some funny photos for She Goes too…

  3. Hi Gen! I will be back down for AIME next week so I will give you a call. I would love to catch up. Huzzah… school excursion!

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