Life and stuff: Time is the ultimate luxury

time-is-the-ultimate-luxuryAround Christmas time, you see the words ‘indulge’, ‘spoil’, and ‘luxurious’ pop up a lot, usually as a way to make us spend more money. Why buy the $15 bubbly when you can buy French Champagne for $150?

I think all this talk of ‘super-premium’ living is extremely misleading. Real luxury is a state of mind.

It’s sleeping until you wake up naturally. It’s strolling instead of driving. It’s reading without distraction. There is no way to compensate for lost time, no matter how many rushed luxuries you consume or buy or give or receive.

The greatest gift you can give this Christmas is the gift of time. Go see your family. Spend an afternoon in bed with your beloved. Idle away a few days doing nothing much at all.

Time is a level playing field. Everyone has the same amount and yet so many people claim to be ‘time poor’. This is impossible. Our temporal balance sheet is in the black until the day we die.

There is nothing quite so luxurious as having time to do whatever you want so go and do just that …

Happy Holidays everyone. I wish you peace, love, laughter and the sheer luxury of guilt-free laziness.

5 comments on “Life and stuff: Time is the ultimate luxury

  1. Beautiful sentiments, dear Emma, and I’d like to say more but I’m just about to jump in the car and drive around like a mad thing to get ready for Christmas…. Love to you and the hubby,
    Genevieve. xxx

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