Vanuatu 2

Life + stuff: Holiday time

No matter how much sleep I get, I am tired.

No matter how much work I get done, I still seem to have an avalanche of emails, copywriting jobs and phone calls to make.

Vanuatu 2
Viva Las Vanuatu baby!

My bank balance is alarming, my credit card is bleeding and I would happily stay in my pyjamas all day long. Possibly all week long.

It’s time to book a holiday. Not a work famil where I spend one night in seven different places, wake up at dawn and stay out drinking all night with people I’ve only just met. Not a blogging trip where I spend the whole time thinking, ‘Would this make a good story’ and ‘Where is that place I heard about?’

A holiday.

A trip where I arrive, check-in (and don’t have to shake hands with the GM or give anyone my business card) and spend days in the same room, in the same place, doing what I damn well please.

I really like the look of these Vanuatu deals but I am dreaming if I think I am going there any time soon. For the time being, my ass is firmly planted in an office chair and I am growing forever blinder from staring at a computer screen.

Is anyone else kinda over it? Where do you wish you were right now?

7 comments on “Life + stuff: Holiday time

  1. I am dreaming of the Caribbean…ahh. I just moved to New York and although I am loving this city, everyday I get a flood of emails for ridiculously cheap deals to DR (Dominican Republic), although I hear all the islands are spectacular. But I too, am focusing on work right now and keeping for feet planted… for the time being :).

  2. So over it I can’t even begin to describe it. A European holiday I’ve been dreaming about for at least the last 3 years just got pushed back again and now I’m hoping to do it in March/April next year. In the meantime I have to survive on the thought of a week off at Christmas in Newcastle (somehow I don’t think that is going to cut it!)

  3. Babe I am so with you! This past long weekend we went to the Central Coast where hubby’s aunt and uncle were living. I tried to book into a restaurant to review but they were all closed so I took this as a sign to do nothing whatsoever 😛 I didn’t blog a thing or pick up the camera once and I felt so relaxed afterwards 🙂

  4. I’m holding out for our Qld holiday later this month, then four days in the Hunter Valley… gah, can’t it be time already?!

  5. I hear you sister. It seems every time i log onto facebook these days someone is swimming in Thailand, counting down the days till they go to Thailand, asking nme to housesit/dogsit/gardensit so they can go to Thailand, or sipping a cocktail in Thailand.
    I’ve never wanted to go there until this year, my brother discovered an island away from everyone where the most luxurious villa 20 metres from beach is AUD$30 a night!! And amazing food…AUD$3 a day! I’d love to live there for 3 months and write another book. it would be cheaper than living, working and eating in Melbourne!
    We’ve all gotta have a dream…Alas, instead i will pay these bills, crank my story pitches up for some much-needed fundage, heal my broken toe and dream…

  6. Lou – babe – I hear you.

    Joey – that place is gorgeous – have you stayed there?

    Mella – I am concerned about the 10 people: 1 house aspect of Port Douglas. Will I get drunk every day? Signs point to yes.

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