Life + Stuff: Sucky

Things that currently suck:

– My enormous tax bill; the result of a dodgy accountant who failed to lodge my 2009/2010 return. I have no spending money and I can’t afford frilly knickers, concert tickets or fancy chicken dinners. Hmph.

... and sometimes they do it on you

– Clients that don’t pay their invoices on time. I am a contractor and therefore at the mercy of people’s financial whims.

The Australian Tax Office, on the other hand, doesn’t care if I have been paid and will still demand payment like a hard-faced old brothel madam with a razor-wielding goon at her side.

– Illness. I have had to spend a heap of money on various antibiotics recovering from everything from a staph infection on my knee to an exotic Indian infection in my stomach. I also vomited in a cinema and nearly cut my finger off on the weekend. Yes. Mega sucky.

Now that I have that off my chest, it occurs to me that my life is actually pretty great. Here’s what I am grateful for:

– I’ve made up with my Mum. We had an enormous fight that resulted in a year of radio silence. We exchanged letters recently and I am finally ready to let it go.

– I’m falling in love (you know who you are).

– I have an incredibly cool job. I love Hawaii. I obsess about Oman. I adore talking about resorts, tours and wild activities you can do overseas involving ziplines and Frankincense trees. Travel journalists are some of most interesting, eccentric, open-minded people you could ever hope to meet; same goes for travel industry people.

– I’m going to Tasmania this weekend for a wedding and I think I am going to love it *squeeeeeee*


What sucks for you at the moment? And what rocks? Care to share?


4 comments on “Life + Stuff: Sucky

  1. What sucks – all the recent rain and generally crappy summer has meant my autumn allergy issues have started early and my sinuses are driving me nuts. But on the plus side I’m heading off on an amazing European holiday in just over a month and can’t wait.

  2. Falling in love – woohooo! So glad to hear it Em. Tax office bills and clients who are late to pay are in the sucky pile. My three gorgeous kids and adorable hubby are what makes life rocks!

  3. Oh dear Em, doesn’t sound like the best weekend you poor chook! VERY glad to hear about the love fest though. YAY!!

    My rant is also tax-related – about to haemorrhage over $4k to the Tax Dept and still owe $800 in left over BAS bits … It. Never. Ends. Also, I have just written a list of bills that need to be paid and stuck it to the wall to shock myself into working harder. Adding car insurance and water and post box renewal and Telstra and council rates and gas and pest guy and NRMA renewal, to tax and BAS bill, I reckon I probably owe around $7000 in the next month. Gulp.

    It. Never. Ends. Or at any rate, the bloody bills all arrive on the SAME day!!! Double gulp.

    On the huge plus side, I went to a beautiful wedding in Bris-Vegas this weekend gone and am about to head off to another in NZ this weekend. Then hubby and I are having a week in NZ visiting various friends and fanging about. Luckily, I have been saving frequent flyer points for about a decade and we’ve paid for all of it on that! Yippee.

    Hope to see you soon for a Black Star coffee. XX

  4. The crap part of life at the moment is dealing with the recent break up of the five and a half year relationship I had with my first love. It has been heart breaking, soul crushing & I have felt just so, so sad. But this difficult time has also made me realise just how much love I have around me & how lucky I am – I have the most amazing friends and family! I’m also discovering interesting things about myself, trying new activities, reconnecting with old friends, planning an amazing trip to Bhutan. I’m starting to feel sassy & confident in a way I haven’t felt for a long time & that’s pretty fun. I’m still feeling up & down but it’s an amazing time of self-discovery – scary but exciting!

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