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I’m sorry for being so quiet lately. I know that it’s not like me at all. I have been settling into my new country home, planting a veggie garden, buying chickens and generally breathing a little easier.

Just think Freudian for a minute. What does this remind you of?

On the upside, this period of reflection has given me an idea for a book. It’s called Sensible Advice for Wild Women. Surely all the dumb stuff I have done has to be helpful to someone?!

I am writing up little pieces of advice for other wild women and I was wondering if perhaps you would like to contribute? I am going to include some real life stories about love, loss, marriage, divorce, children, shopping, pets, our bodies, money, men, sex … you name it, it’s going in. For example, ‘Never give yourself a Brazilian’. Profound stuff.

The brief for the real life stories is:

  • Up to 500 words
  • Stories should be titled with your topic area, story title, name and contact details (if you want people to interact with you) – ie Divorce, ‘Why everyone should do it at least once’ by Zsa Zsa Gabor
  • Stories should be submitted to emma(at) shegoes.com.au by no later than December 31st, 2012

I am going to turn it into an e-book that will sell for $4.99, the proceeds of which will go to women’s charities. Please feel free to nominate deserving charities that you support – I’m open to suggestions.

I hope you will get involved in this project because I do think there is so much value in sharing our stories – good, bad, ugly, painful, joyful.

Are you a wild woman? Have you learnt everything the hard way?



8 comments on “Life + Stuff: Wild women

  1. Dear Emma,

    So glad you are settling in up in Tamworth. As for the book, wonderful idea, and you know I just love contributing things, so I will try to come up with some sage advice for all those WWs out there.

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