Life+Stuff: Best of 2012

The dancefloor, Omani-style

It’s that time of year. The Best and Worst List. The Great Moments showreel. The Top 10.

This year has seen me change jobs, move back to the country, get a cat and six chickens and pierce my nose. I visited Vanuatu, Kangaroo Island, Kaua’i (Hawaii) and Oman for the first time, as well as lots of little towns in North West NSW like Inverell, Bingara and Barraba.

My highlights, in no particular order, are as follows:

  1. Dancing with Bedouins at the Arabian Oryx desert camp in Oman
  2. Planting my no dig veggie garden (and watching it grow)
  3. Eating a truly fun meal at L’Houstalet in Port Vila, Vanuatu with Nature Boy
  4. Drinking local rose on the deck at Dudley Wines on Kangaroo Island with The Leggy Blonde (who is now a redhead)
  5. Building a chook shed with my Dad
  6. Hanging out with my oldest friend Toby, Kate and their beautiful kidlets (I have known Tobes since I was four)
  7. Working for Walshe Group on the Hawaii Tourism Oceania and Sultanate of Oman accounts. Hello Dream Come True + awesome team
  8. The birth of my new niece, Gia
  9. Being taught watercolour painting by Georgia Mansur at Wolgan Valley Estate
  10. The highs of falling in love – with places, people and things

 There’s been heaps of great stuff. Getting a super grown-up job at TAFE, spending more time with my family, making new friends in Tamworth and getting to travel with some of my favourite people. Obama getting re-elected. Learning to love living alone. Getting back into art and craft. Being a reviewer for the SMH Good Pub Guide. Julia Gillard staying in power. Meeting Camille, my friend’s beautiful baby daughter. It’s a long list.

What have your highlights been? What (and who) has rocked your world?




2 comments on “Life+Stuff: Best of 2012

  1. 1. Watching my 2yo learn.
    2. Free time (with my wife/anything/anyone).
    3. Learning to program mobile/tablet apps.

    Sheg0es, work are luck to have you and your experience.

    Enjoy every day 🙂

  2. Thanks for adding me to the list. I feel honored.

    There is so much I could list.

    Obviously I am so glad to have met you.

    I think for me 2012 has been the year of limitless potential. That’s the number one thing – that each of us can do and be what ever we want. No limits but time.

    It’s been a truly great year.

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