Claudia Vidor

Travel Tales: Claudia Vidor

Name: Claudia

Age: Am I seriously 31? Oh gosh …

Occupation: Marketing Manager

Favourite travel destination?:The Universe; but if I have to choose my top 6 destinations (3 are not enough) they would be Iceland and Scandinavia, Scotland, Namibia, Thailand, the Greek Islands and Italy of course.

Claudia Vidor
Cruising in Oman on the Azzura

Best meal you’ve ever had while travelling?: Zebra steak in Windhoek; I felt so bad but it tasted delicious. And pad thai from a crowded Bangkok market.

Best kiss?: The one that my boyfriend gives me each morning before going to work.

Scariest drive?: The Bungle Bungles in the Northern Territory. We drove 50 kms in the desert before realising we were completely lost. And the sun was setting. And two weeks beforehand I’d watched ‘Wolf Creek’.

Where is the best place you’ve ever stayed?: I have a full list of great places where I have stayed but if I have to pick one I would choose the Aurora Retreat in the Kangaroo Valley. My boyfriend took me there for my birthday and the place went way beyond my expectations. I went to bed surrounded by stars and nature, the next morning a full English breakfast was served on the deck overlooking the valley and in the afternoon a super bubbly Jacuzzi facing the sunset was waiting for me. Did I mention that a wombat woke me up by scratching the front door? Paradise!

What has been the big ‘wow’ moment of your travelling life?: We drove all the way into the Namibian desert and we were extremely tired after 10 days spent under the African sun. We got to our accommodation to find out it was a luxury camp with only 5 rooms in the middle of nowhere. I spent two days surrounded by mountains, dunes, stars and by the wildest and strangest animals, while eating the most amazing food and drinking expensive wine around the fire. The relationship with my family improved incredibly during our stay at that camp. We got reminded of the most important things in life and by the end of our holiday we were all smiles and recharged, ready to start a new chapter in our life.

What is your number one travel tip?: Acceptance and gratitude. Places are different, people are different, cultures are different, and that’s the beauty of travelling. Always pack a smile, a thank you and a please in your suitcase to secure a trip of a life time.

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