Life+Stuff: Give up

Sometimes it’s OK to give up.

I gave up eating toast for breakfast because it makes me feel dreadful. This is my new, better breakfast: Greek yoghurt with berries.

Give up everything that makes you miserable.

Give up hanging out with people who make you feel bad.

Give up eating food that makes you sick.

If you hate your job, quit. Same goes for your relationship. If it’s dragging you down, get out.

By clearing out all the rubbish, we allow space for new, different and (hopefully) better stuff to enter our lives.

Lent, Dry July, 40 Hour Famine; they’re all about temporarily giving something up (and that’s cool) but if something really isn’t working, give it up for good.


4 comments on “Life+Stuff: Give up

  1. Great advice. Giving up alcohol for next 6 weeks for a climb!
    But have given up friends, work and other things when it’s no longer working. Hard at the time but so so much better in the long run.

  2. Love this post. This has been a month of giving up for me: alcohol (for a while) and shopping (for financial reasons).

    I always find that removing one thing gives you space and time to see how it fits in your life. You see how alcohol affects your sleep, for example, when you don’t have it. You see how shopping fills some need that is not material and more emotional.

    So yes, give up. For a while, perhaps. Then decide if it’s for good.

  3. I’m giving up sugar – or trying to – because it makes me feel good (high), then bad (low) – yep, sugar is my drug, and I don’t really eat that much of it, but it affects me and that’s enough to tell me I have to step off the sugar-coaster, at least for now, to see if I can be happier, calmer and more creative without it. The test will be the next deadline, which always needs to be fed with sugar. Or does it?

  4. I so hear you gals! I listened to someone talking about ‘masking’ the other day – ie caffeine masking tiredness, alcohol masking anxiety, overeating masking depression – and I have come to the conclusion that I have developed a lot of habits just to cope with my lifestyle (super busy, super social).

    Subsequently, I need to completely change my lifestyle so I no longer have anything to mask. Hence, the move back to the country. Let’s hope it works!

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