Love your skin suit

What a babe. Don’t you want to hang out with this lady?

Silence of the Lambs has made the concept of a skin suit a little bit too literal but stay with me folks.

We are all born into a skin suit that is composed of pretty much the same stuff as everyone else’s. Our genes dominate what it will look like. Some people get an Armani, others wind up with a baggy K-Mart tracksuit.

And then environment shapes it some more. Weather, wash cycles, hangovers and marathons. Freckles, tattoos, stretch marks, cracked heels and grey hairs decorate your suit until it’s a complete original.

So why is everyone complaining?

It’s only a suit.

It’s not who you are.

Like a suitcase that gets bashed up by the airport carousel, your body isn’t meant to stay perfect. It’s a vessel. It’s a wonderful instrument for adventure, and curiosity, and experience.

Definitely care for it’s structural integrity. Consider that some people’s skin suits are diseased or disabled – they have more obstacles to overcome than the rest of us. Look after your health because you want your suit to last until it’s completely worn out and winds up in a Vinnies’ bag.

But as for complaining about this bit of fat, or those wrinkles, or this ugly scar, please just stop.

In a world where calamity lurks around every corner, every day of wellness and ability is a day of grace.

No-one has a perfect body and believe me when I say anyone worth hanging out with will not give two hoots about your imperfections.

Please stop dieting (they don’t work). Please stop exercising viciously. Please free your thoughts beyond the boundaries of your flesh.

Natural beauty is ephemeral, not eternal, and you, my dearest, are part of nature. Let the seasons change you.







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