Make room

Only pack the good stuff.

Make room for what you want in life.

Make room for a new love by farewelling the old ones once and for all.

Make room for a new job by writing the applications, getting yourself into a financial position where you’re free to jump and by resigning.

Make room for a healthy body by giving yourself time to rest, time to exercise and time to shop for and prepare healthy food.

Make room for a holiday by saving up, taking leave and booking a ticket.

Make room for happiness by accepting or letting go of everything that makes you sad.

It’s hard work. You can’t fit in more of what you want if you don’t get rid of the stuff you don’t. It’s like packing a suitcase – you can’t take everything. You  have to choose what goes with you into the future.

You have the same 24 hours; the same 365 days as everyone else. What are you going to fit into it?


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