Snaggle tooth

My weakness is my strength

I floss my teeth so much because I have a snaggle tooth that catches things. I think I found a palm tree in there once.

Snaggle tooth
I only floss my teeth because I have a snaggle tooth that gathers greenery. Image courtesy of Sony Photography Awards.

I go to yoga because I hurt my back jumping off a bridge when I was a teenager.

I walk most mornings because I’m overweight.

I value sleep because I suffer from anxiety and depression.

I’m careful with what I eat because I’m onion, lactose and gluten intolerant.

I know I’m lucky but I’ve also done the work to get here.

My weaknesses give me discipline and discipline gives me strength. I still have a long way to go but I’m still trying.

What about you? What makes you do the work?

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  1. Good post, Em. You’re so right. Discipline isn’t a dirty word, as some people think. I need to move, often, daily if I can, and be physical, because I had chronic back pain when I was young and it flares up if I’m too sedentary. So I became the travel writer who does treks and kayaks! Look at that…

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