Make your life a holiday

Bring it on, yo!

I don’t know about you guys but I am hanging out for Christmas holidays.

The thought of not having anywhere to be or anything to do is, well, completely foreign.

While I do have some plans, I am going to try and keep them flexible and flowing. The last thing I want is for my holidays to turn into a military exercise in people pleasing. This time of year can become about looking after everyone else; making sure that you’ve bought the right gifts, shown up with the correct wine or dish and been a gracious host to all who cross your threshold.

But what about you? What do you really need from this time?

For me, holidays are about rest. The kind of rest that has no end or beginning and lasts for days. The ability to sleep in and nap whenever I like.

They’re also about reading. I have bought a heap of books in preparation – my gift to myself.

Finally, they’re about ease and wellbeing and allowing chaos. If you want to wear a sarong and eat only mangoes, do it. If you want to stay out until 6am dancing with drag queens, do it. If you want to spend every waking second on the couch watching television, do it. You’re allowed to do whatever you want.

Take this time to rebuild your joie de vivre and settle into a state of total relaxation.

In the meantime, I am trying to build more summery holiday-y goodness into every day. I have been eating tropical fruit for breakfast, going to the beach every weekend and letting myself off the hook from exercise. Sure, I am a lazy ass but I am a much happier lazy ass.

What are you looking forward? What does a good holiday mean to you?




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