Postponing joy

I love mosaicing but maybe I am freaked out by how much I like it ie. I will never want to do anything boring ever again

I think about painting a lot. I also think about mosaicing and gardening.

What usually happens is that I prioritise something else over these activities. I clean the house, do the washing, clear my emails or go grocery shopping.

Sure, those things are important. They maintain and, yes, that brings a certain sort of peace.

Mundane things are safe. Creative things are harder, riskier, more likely to bring joy.

Am I afraid of that joy? I don’t know. All I know is that I’ve been resisting these activities by prioritising boring stuff.

I can’t explain it. I don’t understand it. Does this happen to you too?



11 comments on “Postponing joy

  1. If you ever want to come to our place in Nashville and mosaic our steps, we’d love you to…

  2. And if you ever need a reason to paint then I’ll take everything you make. I love the paintings you’ve done for me!

    I wish that I could do what you do, but don’t ever try – not sure where to start and then there are so many other things to do that it doesn’t happen. With my music I’m always thinking it’s not good enough so don’t take it further. Tiime spent on that would make it better, I can’t focus on that but it would be nice to get more balance in my world. I need more hours in the day!

  3. Damn the boring stuff, although a clean place does give me some peace.
    Get creative. Life will be over soon enough.
    You don’t want to think back and wish you had done more cleaning.

  4. I have always wanted to write a book, since I was a kid.
    And I say to myself…maybe I will start it on my next holiday, maybe on the weekend, maybe tomorrow.
    Postponing and procrastinating a fun dream…
    Yes, I guess it does happen to all of us.

  5. Yes. And it frustrates me no end.

    Although it galls me, the only way I seem to get to ‘creating stuff’ is to schedule time for it. And to do the same for the housework – and actually DO it then, whether I feel like it or not.
    I am pretty lary of being overly structured in my precious free time, so it’s taken a long time to get to being ok with approaching it in this way.

    Ridiculous and ironic huh? – so it goes.

  6. Oh wow, I second everything everybody has said, and have been doing boring jobs i.e. finances and cleaning all morning. Mind you, I love writing my lists and I always try to make an effort to put the enjoyable creative things onto a list too so I’ll make some time for them…. It seldom works though.

  7. hey em, this is a very salient post! yes it does. it happens, and it sucks. you just have to realise you’re doing it and fight it (even if it is good for the house and pantry). you have to postpone postponing joy.

  8. Yes, yes, yes and YES! So we procrastinating creatives are not alone, hey? I admit i have a chronic fear of the blank page (when attempting to write creatively) and the blank canvas (sketching, painting)… Mel’s idea is great, makes complete sense, and many creativity coaches suggest the same thing – to schedule it in. But I guess, my excuse/comeback for that is: while I can more or less estimate how long mundane tasks, or paid work tasks will take, creative time is… less easy to predict. And i know once I’m revelling in that zone, I’ll be reluctant to come back to the “real world”. It’s for that same reason I postpone meditation… Slacker!!

  9. I have been sucked into the cult of structure through my work like nobody’s business. Lists about menial tasks haunt me in both my personal and professional roles.

    I don’t think this is poor role modeling. My mother appears to be constantly gardening, travelling to perfect her French and quilting. I have never seen her write a list and she has an uncanny knack for living simply and embracing the unexpected visitor……Unexpected house guests fill me with a quiet horror.

    Say what you will about me, but despite this rigidity, I love a good bandwagon to jump on. Last weekend, and in the face of opening a new business, I decided to enforce a family weekend adventure – every weekend. Still listy, still rigid, but a push to move out of mundane tasks in the house. A trip to a revered country town bakery (not as good as they say, but still fun – and there was a heritage festival going on….with Timbertown/Old Sydney Town Style Costumes..) and some local country markets (knitted baby hats – run don’t walk) has been the extent of it so far, but those kind of experiences create memories and are for me are enough of a step in the right direction.

    Love to hear that others struggle with the balance xo G

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