This guy looks suspiciously like me

I confess to having a bit of a penchant for them.

It all started when I was supposed to interview a clairvoyant for ABC Newcastle. I toddled along cluelessly with my recording equipment and the full intention of coming away with a story but I ended up having a reading wherein I was warned against the dangers of soy milk and told I would buy a renovator’s delight in Windsor, marry a boofy bloke and have a baby girl.

And thus started my addiction to soothsayers.

I have since been to many, many psychics. The last three have agreed on a few points and predicted some things with alarming accuracy.

God knows how they do it but they told me I would move back to Sydney for a really good job (check) and that I would spend the next few years ‘wearing off a bit of shoe leather’ travelling (check). The next part – the part that all three agreed upon – is the most perplexing part. They all said that I would meet the man I am meant to be with a) through work, b) in November 2014, c) and that he would be tall, have dark hair and wear a suit. Also, d) I would get accidentally pregnant to him and we would move overseas.

So essentially I have two months to meet this guy if the prophecy is correct. This is bothersome because I have started giving every tall, dark, suit-wearing guy the hairy eyeball wondering if he is the father of my surprise foetus.

At least we’ll have an answer soon.

I wish I could give up seeing clairvoyants but I know I won’t. They give me hope, cheer me up and give my brain something *positive (if entirely imaginary) to fixate on.

*notwithstanding the clairvoyant who is convinced I have polycystic ovaries.

Have you ever been to a psychic? What did you think?


2 comments on “Psychics

  1. I have also seen many a psychic, and have no intention of stopping! It’s not for everyone and I tend not to listen to those who poo-poo it. I don’t have time for spectator sports, but I don’t lambast those who do – much… 😉

    A few months after my mum died in 2003, I saw a medium who I believe did connect with her, because of some of the messages she brought through. And it was a catharsis for me too, as I felt such a deep void and angst of “not knowing where mum was”, so it helped with that. I have since felt mum’s presence on my own numerous times. And my dad’s from time to time…

    Later in 2003, I saw another psychic who predicted I would meet “future hubby” in my 39th year and that he would be northern European. I met my Dutch partner in January 2005, a month before I turned 39. She also said I would reconnect with an old friend who would help me out with work in the music industry. This eventually happened in 2010, when he got me some work with his record label. So sometimes there can be a lag of years from the prediction to it actually occurring.

    I am long overdue for a reading, so I’m open to your recommendations Miss Em! I’m also considering seeing a pet psychic to help me understand my dogs better…

    I hope your lovely predictions come true – and maybe you need to see a doc to check on those ovaries of yours! xx

  2. I never ever believed in psychics or any such rubbish… never spoke to one… until I met a soul mate out of the blue who changed my life! A lot of weird ‘fate’ stuff happened and I felt like I had always known him… there was no ‘getting to know each other’ part of the relationship. It was already all there! It was mind blowing. But then he ran away, but kept coming back! Like a yoyo. Welcome to the heaven/hell of a soul connection! After months of this, I realised I needed to do something to change it! So I contacted a psychic called Steve Gunn, who guarantees results (ie happiness!) IF you put the work in. He is the last port of call when looking for a psychic… because for many people, they want ‘validation’ from a psychic… and he certainly won’t give it to you. He tells you what you NEED to know to change and grow,… not what you want to know. So if anyone out there is ready for real change, real happiness (and real hard work!), drop him an email. He is VERY accessible and there is no flowing purple robes or ego etc. He keeps it real. Here is an article of his, which kind of shows why some psychics seem accurate sometimes, but not always.

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