Removing decisions

My perfect weekday breakfast

Choice is a good thing, right?

I would argue that yes, choice is excellent, but being overwhelmed by choices is not.

It’s easy to spend a lot of time deliberating over things that will not improve your day.

For the first six months of mat leave, I wore the same H&M shirt in five different colours. Why? Because it’s hard to breastfeed in most of my clothes. I didn’t want to look like a bag lady but I also had minimum mental bandwidth to care about how I looked.

Same goes for breakfast. I have perfected my ideal breakfast, and also lunch. I know this sounds super boring but I have a yoghurt-y/fruit-y/nutty thing for breakfast and I have a salad for lunch. There are variations – blueberries or strawberries, tuna or ham – but I basically eat the same thing every weekday.

Why? Because my body loves it, it tastes great and I don’t have to think about it.

I also go for a walk at 9am. The same walk with the same coffee, listening to a different podcast.

All bets are off on the weekend. Anything can happen, and that is really fun. But I usually end up with an upset stomach and a tired, sore head because I have veered off course.

Choice is a gift, a blessing and an enormous privilege. But I have learnt, over time, that reducing the amount of decisions I make every day allows me to focus on things that require my attention.

Have you managed to remove some decisions from your day? Did it help you feel calm?

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