Selfie conscious


Is anybody else out there getting sick of the selfie? I am as guilty as the next person of taking head-tilty, chin-erasing selfies to try and (finally) get a decent profile photo.

But I think I’m over it.

I feel like a complete dick every time I take a selfie and I am starting to get annoyed by the general overuse of camera phones everywhere.

I know I’m here. You know you’re here. Let’s drink our drinks and not tell the internet about it.

This video sums up how I am starting to feel about phones. I think it’s time for me to reform.

1 comment on “Selfie conscious

  1. I think the last time I took a “selfie”, the term didn’t exist! It was definitely pre-social media, although it was with a digital camera.

    I remember the good old days of taking self-portraits with the timer function on a 35mm print film camera. Now that was a challenge! And then the embarrassed nonchalance of getting some of those images developed at the camera shop…

    Being Gen X, I guess I struggle with the whole notion of “the self as celebrity” that social media has created. And being in my 40s, I’m kinda reluctant to have my pic taken, let alone do it myself!

    So I would have to say I agree with you, Ms Em – selfies will have a shelf(ie) life!

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