ghd Wonderland

Everybody loves ghd

So I got given a ghd Wonderland to review.

ghd Wonderland
The opalescent colour makes this ghd seem all the more wizard-like

It showed up at work in a shiny peacock-coloured box. Even the guys were impressed.

I took it home and my flatmates were intrigued. I felt like I’d brought a celebrity home. It sat on the dining room table, glimmering.

The only problem is that my hair is weird and short. I am growing out an ill-advised side-shave that my friend kindly told me was ‘not quite the look you should go for’. I call this hairstyle ‘The Man Repeller’ after a fashion blog of the same name.

The theory is that there are some fashions that women love but that men hate. Essentially everything Sarah-Jessica Parker ever wore on Sex and The City.

I decided to give this fancy hair straightener a whirl to see if this mysterious device could turn my dull, unwieldy locks into something bouncy and flirtatious, like a cheerleader on ecstasy.

I am no pro. I am the kind of girl who wears the same flat shoes everyday until they have to wrench them off my cold, dead feet. I dye my own hair, tweeze my own eyebrows and generally look like a museum exhibit labelled ‘Australopithecus’. In short, I am a yeti-woman.

Nonetheless, the (evidently foolproof) testing process yielded favourable results with a little bit of twirling and tugging. I can’t honestly say I managed to perfect any of these swanky ‘dos but I did manage to wrangle a bit of good behaviour out of my fringe. It almost looked vintage which is the look I go for whenever I get dressed up.

I looked less repellant. Dare I say, man neutral. 

I am going to trial this look in public and report back to you, dear readers. If hoards of construction workers materialise on scaffolding to wolf whistle at me, I will consider that positive sexual harassment brought on by the ghd. Stay tuned …

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  1. I have had my GHD since 2006. It survived a mass culling of almost all my belongings. When you have frizzy, fine hair like mine, it is an essential! Oh, and extra tip: when at the hairdresser, get them to show you how to do curls or waves or whatever. They know ALL the tricks.

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