I have always found the concept of selling uncomfortable but the truth is that we’re all selling, all the time.

Whether we’re asking for a pay rise, ‘promoting’ ourselves on a dating site or simply getting dressed in the morning, we’re all sending very clear message about our worth.

This is where things get tricky. So many of us have a very murky understanding of our own value.

Self-confidence, the way others have treated us in the past, the way we want to be perceived versus the way we are perceived … it’s a minefield.

I have been thinking about this lately. How am I selling myself? And am I selling myself short? I think I probably am. I have heaps of experience and yet I’m too chicken to ask for a pay rise. I feel less valuable as a romantic partner because I’m overweight. I feel like a financial loser because I am in debt and am struggling to get out.

I know I can change these things with a bit of work. Either that, or learn to sell around these factors better; upsell the good stuff and downplay the bad stuff.

How do you become better at selling yourself? Got any tips?




1 comment on “Selling

  1. When you find out the answers make sure you let me know – I have no idea!

    (except with pay rises – that’s easy. Be the best, find out the pay in similar roles and then point out that yours is less. If money is a problem for the business then it could be worked out another way, eg extra time off or similar. Mine is going to be grapes/winemaking space at the next negotiation! Wish me luck!)

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