A better class of jerk


So I dated a really lovely guy for a while there.

He was intelligent, worldly, classy and fun. He was passionate and chatty and we had heaps in common.

It was going really well.

That is, until he decided to get back together with his wife, thus contravening the dating rules for men in a fairly spectacular fashion.

I could choose to be sad or see this as progress. Despite the fact that this guy ended up being a jerk, he was a much better class of jerk than the last guy I dated.

I have learnt an important lesson about getting involved with men who are merely separated, not divorced.

I hereby give up dating. I am done.

5 comments on “A better class of jerk

  1. Sad crab:

    , ,
    /(_, ,_)\
    _/ \_ /
    // \\
    \\ (@)(@) //
    ,===/ \===,
    “,===\ /===,”
    ” ,===’——‘===, “

  2. Oh lovely. That’s terrible for you.

    Separated (for several years) might be ok, but I’m with you on that – if they haven’t left physically they haven’t left mentally either.

    Big hugs xox

  3. Separated for several years is not good enough either. If a guy can’t divorce his ex then he is not ready to commit to anyone else.

    I think there are a lot of lazy, insecure men out there who take the easy option of going back to what they know, ie their ex, rather than making an effort and living their life.

    Who needs them? Not us Emma!

  4. Oh no. I’m so sorry to hear that. At least he wasn’t afraid of commitment (still trying to work out why most men run for the hills when we ask for a relationship, as if we’ve just asked them to give up breathing). But he went with the wrong person though 🙁

    Don’t give up! It hurts each and every time, but ‘pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses our understanding’ as Kahlil Gibran says. Plus your blog gives me inspiration to also keep trying and keep on hoping.

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