SheGoes is turning 6

If SheGoes was a child, she would be going on a sugar-fuelled rampage in an Elsa costume right now. Srh9aNO

God help us all.

I started this blog because I wanted to have a voice. Not a client voice. Not a news voice. A ‘me’ voice. A place where I could talk about whatever I want.

I care about this blog more than I care about my real job even though this blog pays approximately 0.50c a year. It’s absurd how much I love writing this and I love you for reading it, commenting, and caring enough to be a part of it.

My favourite blogger Jenny Lawson explained it best when she said, “It’s about writing whatever crazy shit you want to write and having some people say “YES!  I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE” and some say “What the shit is wrong with you?” and 99.99% of the world say nothing because they don’t know I exist.  And that is blogging.”

To celebrate this milestone, I wanted to host a party but then I got all stressed because I don’t have enough money to buy Champagne for everyone. Instead, please accept my heartfelt thanks for your support and know that one day all those 0.50c pieces will add up and I will buy us one entire bottle of something good. Until then, thank you.







3 comments on “SheGoes is turning 6

  1. Nice one Em!

    I guess I’ve been around for almost four of those six years. The honest & heartfelt way you write your pieces is beautiful and I read them all (like many people I’m sure).

    It’s been great to see your site progress and build. You must be so proud!

  2. Congrats Em! I can’t believe it’s already been 6 years!!

    If you hosted a party, we would buy the champagne!

    Thanks for being you & sharing with all of us.

    Love your work xx

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