Summer holiday viewing/reading

The Handmaid’s Tale is dystopian romp through every woman’s worst nightmares. Five stars – or should I say – PRAISE BE.

I’m at the point in the year where I am ready to lie down for about a month.

On the upside, this is also the exciting time when I plan what I am going to binge watch/read over the holidays.

Let’s face it: no one has ever described me as ‘athletic’.

As a recently new baby mama, I have watched a lot of TV this year and read about three books, one of which was The Very Cranky Bear.

Here are my recommendations for the lazy fest that lies ahead:


Margaret Atwood adaptations
Alias Grace on Netflix
The Handmaid’s Tale on SBS on Demand

Grim Northern English police drama
Broadchurch series 1 – 3 (various platforms)
Happy Valley on Foxtel
Safe House on Foxtel

Historical romps
Vikings seasons 1 – 5 (various platforms)
Indian Summers on Foxtel

Glamorous HBO
Big Little Lies on Foxtel


Manchester by the Sea
Viceroy’s House
The Imitation Game

Museum of Modern Love by Heather Rose
Between a Wolf and a Dog by Georgia Blain
A Year of Marvellous Ways by Sarah Winman
All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

What would you guys recommend? Keeping in mind that I have the mental capacity of a pumpkin, let’s keep it easy, folks.





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