The Globetrotter’s Guide: Preventing Home Disaster Upon Return

Imagine this: after returning from your dream vacation, relaxed and full of memories, only to find your home in disarray. Your houseplants are wilting, the stack of unread mail is towering up ever higher, and that odour coming from the fridge … It certainly wasn’t expected. Well fear no longer: here is our guide on how you can safeguard your peaceful abode while travelling the globe! So buckle up, and join us on this voyage towards peace of mind!

Secure The Fort: Batten Down The Hatches And Turn Off The Taps 

Begin by checking that all windows and doors are locked securely – it may seem obvious, but many people forget this essential precaution in their rush to catch their flight. Also if your home features a security system, now would be an opportune time to use it; nothing sends a stronger message than red lights flashing in response to would-be intruders than sirens blaring loudly at them! Additionally, water damage is a threat just as serious as burglary, so consider turning off water supply to appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, toilets etc – this simple step may prevent surprises like finding an unexpected indoor pool!

Tame the Utilities: Play It Cool and Unplug Unnecessary

Our next preventive journey brings us into the realm of utilities. When on vacation, your fridge doesn’t need to be producing the equivalent of cold beer at an Arctic fest! Adjust your thermostat to a higher-but-still-safe temperature to save electricity and keep the system from overworking. Your water heater doesn’t need to run full blast either – many models offer an energy-saving ‘vacation mode’ setting which keeps its system at an energy-saving temperature setting. Don’t forget to unplug any non-essential electronics – such as your coffeemaker, game console and toaster – which may consume power even while standing by and add a charge to your electricity bill. Also unplugging them reduces risk of electrical fires – certainly an attractive idea?

Prep for Mother Nature: She Doesn’t Take a Vacation

Now let’s address that unpredictable diva Mother Nature and make sure she knows she won’t throw a hailstorm party or wind festival while you are sipping mojitos on a beach! Before travelling, ensure your gutters and downspouts are free from debris in order to ensure heavy rainstorms drain freely without creating water damage. Also seek roof leak repair should you notice any issue on the roof surface. Check your property for overhanging tree branches that could become projectiles during a storm, and trim those potential party crashers down accordingly. Also avoid inviting crashers by keeping trash cans out in plain view. Secure them in your garage or shed to prevent them from wandering freely around your neighbourhood, propelled by gusty winds. Finally, if travelling during winter vacation, take steps to keep pipes from freezing and bursting – perhaps by setting indoor temperature settings that won’t cause your pipes to freeze as easily or asking a neighbour to run water periodically – otherwise the winter wonderland might turn into an indoor ice rink instead!

Keep it Clean: Unwanted Guests Dislike Tidy Homes

Before heading out of your home, give it a good cleaning. Pests love nothing more than finding their food sources – such as an overflowing garbage bin filled with scraps – enticing them inside to feast upon! To prevent unwelcome guests from entering your house while sipping margaritas on a beach bar, ensure your home is as tidy as possible when leaving it vacant. Throw out perishable food that may go bad while you’re gone and take out all trash cans regularly. An aroma from week-old banana peels is irresistible to insects and rodents, drawing them in for feast. Additionally, don’t leave dirty dishes in the dishwasher, as that too invites insects. Don’t forget to check damp clothing which could develop mould or mildew growth in your laundry as well. Consider setting timers on your lights to give the impression of occupancy in your house, which will deter pests while discouraging potential burglars from breaking in. After all, wouldn’t it be nicer coming home to an uncluttered, safe home rather than one full of pests?

Conclusion: Peace of Mind Is Priceless

Worldly adventures should leave you with memories, souvenirs, and an energised sense of purpose; not an overwhelming domestic crisis. Remember the key to an ideal homecoming lies in the details; so make sure your fort is secure, utilities under control, Mother Nature preparedness is taken into consideration, and cleanliness maintained when returning from travels. With these simple steps in place, your home won’t resemble a disaster zone when you return. Go out there, explore, and leave all worries behind; once everything’s under control (literally and figuratively). Safe travels globetrotters!

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