What to do with the clutter you clear

Have you recently channelled your inner Marie Kondo, found joy (or perhaps didn’t), and now find yourself standing atop a mountain of clutter, pondering your next move? Clearing out the old, whether it’s a wardrobe explosion or the fallout from a loft sort-out, is liberating. But what to do with the leftover loot? Dive in with me, and let’s get crafty and clever about all things clutter!

Become a Charity Champ

Before chucking anything in the bin, see if any of your items could be someone else’s treasures because they can so often be valued, even if we do not see the value ourselves. Local charity shops or community centres would love those barely-worn boots or the novels you’ve devoured.

Recycle, Don’t Just Chuck!

Not just for newspapers and cans, folks. From old gadgets to worn-out textiles and not forgetting the many metal recycling options we now have, many materials can find new life if you recycle them properly. Plus, you’re doing Mother Earth a solid – high five to you!

Host a Swapping Soiree

Throw a clutter swap party with your mates. Bring all the stuff you no longer need, and you might walk away with a new favourite mug or that hat you’ve always wanted. It’s like shopping, but free and with more giggles.

Crafty Creations

Got old jars or slightly ripped clothing? Time to channel that inner Blue Peter presenter and get crafting. There are countless tutorials online for turning your old stuff into trendy new pieces. “Here’s one I made earlier…”

Storage Solutions

Maybe some of your clutter isn’t genuine clutter but just lacks a proper home. Cute baskets, under-bed boxes, or wall-mounted pegs can transform chaos into a streamlined dream.

Sell and Swagger

There’s gold in that clutter! Platforms like Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace or good old car boot sales could turn your discarded gems into crisp notes (or at least some extra pocket change).

Upcycle Upskills

Got an old chair that’s looking a bit knackered? Or perhaps a chest of drawers that’s lost its pizzazz? Instead of chucking them, why not learn the art of upcycling? With a lick of paint and a sprinkle of creativity, you can give old furniture a fabulous makeover.

Compost Corner

If your clutter involves food waste or natural materials, why not start a compost heap in your garden? It’ll break down over time and provide you with some nutrient-rich goodness for your plants.

Teach and Trade

Offer to give away items in exchange for a skill or a favour. Need to learn how to knit? Perhaps someone will trade you knitting lessons for your old blender.

Local Schools & Theatres

Before tossing out old fabric or art supplies, check in with local schools or amateur theatre groups. They might be on the lookout for materials for their next project or production.

As you can see, decluttering doesn’t end once you’ve created the pile. There’s a world of opportunity for every odd, end, and miscellaneous item you unearth. By being a tad creative, you can reuse, recycle and repurpose for the good of the community (and the the planet!).

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