The power of fun

I used to think ‘professional’ meant no kidding around.

I thought it meant suits and straight faces.

Turns out, I was horrible at it so I starting mucking around. If they were going to fire me, dammit, I was going to enjoy myself.

But a funny thing happened. I started getting better results. People seemed happier to talk to me, I got things done faster and work was way more fun.

That’s how I learnt that fun attracts fun.

And fun attracts everyone.

Show me a person who doesn’t want to have a better time at work and I’ll show you a rare person indeed.

Work can be tedious, exhausting, stressful and yes, at times, soul destroying. It can also be hilarious, absurd and give you a genuine sense of community because you spend so much time with these people. You know each other. Hopefully you like each other. Why not have a little fun with it?



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