Return to Fraser Island

Lake McKenzie is one of the creepiest and yet most beautiful place I have ever seen

I went to Fraser Island when I was about 14; an awkward teenager who wore a scratchy jumper that belonged to my Grandfather for five days straight. By the end of the trip, it reeked of campfire smoke and hormonal angst.

I remember seeing sharks and turtles cruising the coastal gutter, swimming in the water with wild dolphins and tip-toeing into the crystal clear shore waters and the inky black centre of Lake McKenzie.

We had to hang our fruit and veggies in the tree to keep them away from the dingoes (but the crows pecked holes in the bags anyway).

It was a wild place; a place that I long to go back to.

Does anyone know of any  good Fraser Island tours? Can anyone recommend a good place to stay? Have any of you guys been on a Sunset Safaris Fraser Island tour? They are apparently the ‘best’?




3 comments on “Return to Fraser Island

  1. I had that teenaged Fraser Island holiday too! Fishing with Dad off the beach, driving our Subaru on the sand, camping too. Think I even had one of those old scratchy wool jumpers. Can’t remember swimming, except in those inland lakes. Too many sharks…

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