Dear Aunty Em

Nothing screams ‘breakfast’ quite like hard liquor

‘I was treated to my first ever gin and tonic(s) last weekend. This morning I wanted one for breakfast. Is that normal?’¬†
РThirsty Dave 

Dear Thirsty Dave,

My first question is what kind of day are you having? Did you just find out that you got your 20 year old intern pregnant? Is she also your step sister? Or are you slipping out of bed and into an alcoholic haze?

As Frank Sinatra famously said, ‘The best thing about a hangover is that you know your day can only get better’.

If this is a fleeting fancy, indulge away. Have a G&T with your eggs and toast, knock over a Bloody Mary with your morning muesli, down some Krug with your Kelloggs! There is no harm in getting a buzz on in the a.m., provided you’re not operating heavy machinery or flying a plane.

On the other hand, if you have an addictive personality, issues with depression and anxiety or you’re drinking alone so you can face the day, maybe stick to the highly caffeinated beverages that society endorses. Sure, they’re not helping either but at least you’re not going to end up in AA retelling the story about how you shat your pants at your Uncle Barry’s funeral.

The British Raj considered G&T’s the ultimate mosquito repellant. My question to you is just how repellant do you want to be?


2 comments on “Dear Aunty Em

  1. Yes, but it was the quinine in the tonic, not the gin, that kept the mozzies away. And apparently, according to a gin joint I visited in Glasgow recently, the bit that gives you the hangover.

    So, if you want to avoid mozzies but get a hangover, drink tonic. For all other things, drink gin. At any time of the day.

  2. Morning beers are grand, but only at the airport or on hols. The first light white of a cellar door’s opening is a wonderful sensation too as you feel all the body’s systems gear up for a big day of tasting. Otherwise I have no trouble with alcohol free days. It’s the alcohol free nights that are an issue.

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