To the little dude in my stomach


You’re still growing. Your ETA in this world is still months away.

Until then, I just want to share a story about what kind of guy your Dad is.

He got side-swiped in traffic this morning. The other driver was a P-plater and she pulled out without properly looking.

To give you some background, he’s a little bit hungover today (big golf day yesterday) and he got up at 4.30am to get to work on time.

Your Dad swerved as best as he could but the whole side of his car is scraped.

What did he do? HeĀ wanted to yell but he didn’t. Instead, he looked after this poor, shocked teenager. He stood beside the busy freeway with her, comforted her, and isn’t going to chase her for insurance money despite the thousands of dollars of damage she did to the car.

He even laughed about it, mere hours after it happened.

Your dad does stuff like this all the time. When he could get mad, he generally takes the (much harder) high road.

Your dad, kid. What a guy.


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