Valentine’s Day

There are a lot of expectations around male/female relationships that enrage me.

Be a smart deer and don’t get shot by some creepy guy who likes hunting

Like how guys are expected to buy girls flowers on Valentine’s Day and girls are expected to wax their vaginas in a fashionable way.

I have no intention of ever getting a Brazilian EVER AGAIN.

I am never going to expect a guy to pay for dinner when we have equal earning power. Under no circumstances am I going to ask for or hope for another diamond ring. I did that once – I was fooled by the propaganda of expensive ring = love forever. It is a rock on a piece of metal. It is not ‘eternity’.

Love is not things and, in my experience, it has nothing to do with lingerie or flowers or set menus.

Love is when someone sits with you in hospital when you think you’re going to die of cancer. Love is when you’re wearing flannelette pyjamas and you’re both laughing at the same joke. Love is when someone forgives you after you’ve gotten drunk and vomited on their favourite shoes.

Don’t be fooled by Valentine’s Day, my friends. While it’s a celebration of love – and that is to be honoured – do not under any circumstances think that because you didn’t get some half dead bouquet that you’re unloved.

Think of all the people – male, female, old, young – who love you. Who love you for YOU. The flawed, unique, glorious person that only you can be.

Love really is all around (and it rarely sends you flowers).

Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you guys.


8 comments on “Valentine’s Day

  1. So, so true, Ms Em!

    Love is all the hard stuff as much as the romance – and once the romance dies down, which it inevitably does (unless you make the effort!), if there’s nothing left, then… there’s nothing left.

    Love is an energy and like all energy, it doesn’t die, it just transmutes. Well, that’s what I feel, anyways.

    Lotsa that love energy stuff right back atcha! xx

  2. Lots of love and unconditional Valentines to you, Em. Thanks for the wise words 🙂 Sometimes (and this is a bit nerdy I know) I write down in a list the people I love and who love me – to remind myself of all the good people around. And then there’s the idea: why limit yourself to loving just one person, or just your friends and family members?

    This is one of my favourite quotes:

    “Our goal is to have kind consideration for every being in every moment, forever” – Katagiri Roshi

    Something to aspire to…

  3. It’s not that I feel particularly unloved, but Valentine’s Day always irritates me when I’m single, which I hate to say has been more often than not on any February 14 in the past decade or so. But reading this brought a smile to my face. So thanks Em.

  4. GO WOMAN!
    Agree 100%
    I’m in a relationship with the wonderful man EVER, and we don’t need flowers & waxing to celebrate

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