Why people care more about Paris

ParisIt’s simple. A lot of people have been there, know someone who has, or have French friends.

I completely understand why everyone is all WTF about the lack of press coverage and outrage over the attacks in Nigeria, Beirut and Syria but the fact is that most westerners relate more to France than they do to these other countries.

This is why travel is critical to world peace. That sounds like something from a beauty pageant but hear me out.

We care more about countries we have visited. We give more weight to the lives of people we have met. We care more about our friends than we do about strangers.

This is not because people are evil. It’s human nature. I care more about a bombing attack at a school where my nieces, nephews and step-kids go than any other school.

I was standing at the airport in Sri Lanka on Saturday morning and a lady working in one of the shops recounted to my step-mum how four passenger planes were blown up by suicide bombers in that very place not so long ago. All the windows smashed. Everyone ran for their lives.

I can’t remember hearing about that but I remember every detail of September 11.

Go out into the world. Make new friends. Visit new countries. Learn about everyone and everything. Speak new languages. Visit temples and mosques and churches.

And in doing so? Learn to love everyone.

Mother Teresa said it best when she said, ‘Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier’.







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  1. We’re headed for Paris tomorrow. To show solidarity. Besides, Minnesota’s too cold these days!

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