You only have to be lucky once

Julia Hartley Moore

Earlier this year, I heard NZ-based private investigator Julia Hartley-Moore speak at an event showcase.

There is so much to love about this woman; from the skin tight leopard print dress, to her straight talking approach.

The beginning of her story is tragic – she left school at 14 and got pregnant at 15 after her boyfriend date raped her. Her father then forced her to marry the guy, who she then stayed with to have a further two children.

This marriage didn’t work; nor did the next one.

Against all odds, she went on to set up New Zealand’s first Private Investigation agency. Everyone told her it wouldn’t work.

As fate would have it, her first client was Mohammad Al Fayed, the owner of Harrods in London.

She met her current husband much later in life and this is when she said the thing I love the most: ‘You only have to be lucky once’.

You only have to meet one right person. You only have to have one viable egg that gets fertilised at the right time. You only have to make one solid pitch to the right person.

You only have to be lucky once, but you have to stay in the game until you are.


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