Island-style fun for your kids this school holidays

With school holidays approaching and summer peeking its head around the corner, many families are starting to brainstorm how to keep the kids busy this school break. With overseas and domestic trips on our minds, we have come up with a fun, kid-friendly activity round-up with a tropical twist.

Cue the beautiful island nation of Samoa. Known for its incredible natural beauty, this country is a short trip from our shores and one that Aussies have been flocking to since its border reopening this August. In addition to its breathtaking landscapes and welcoming community, there’s one thing that Australians also seem to adore about the country, and that’s its coconuts. Over 750,000 Samoan coconuts are being imported into Australia every year and they’re being used for a variety of reasons, each one bringing the beaches of Samoa to our doorstep.

Today, we thought we’d take this hairy fruit and share some not-so-average ways to use them, eat them, create with them, and just have fun with them. Holiday activities, Samoa style!

Please note that some of these activities do require adult supervision.

Coconut bowling in the backyard

Coconut bowling is an easy way to get your kids outside and playing with others. Keep the coconuts as they are and replicate ten pins with repurposed water bottles. Grab a few coconuts and simply roll them down the yard, driveway or hallway – a fun activity that can involve the whole family. Find all the info here.

Island sounds – DIY Coconut Shell Clip Clops

To create the tropical sounds of Samoa, the coconut flesh must be removed and the shell cut it half. Then drill a hole in each half and weave some ribbon through to make hand-holds. The clip-clopping of the self-made instrument replicates the sound of horse hooves. Find all the info here.

A delicious coconut water smoothie, yes please!

Here’s a simple and delicious recipe the kids will love. The only ingredients you’ll need for this are a cup of coconut water, your kids’ favourite fruits and a banana. Place the ingredients in a blender until the mixture is smooth and creamy. Once complete, simply pour the icy drinks into cups for the whole family to enjoy. Sit back, relax and relish in the taste of Samoa. Find the full recipe here.

Coconut friend

Sandpaper the coconut until smooth then go nuts with decorating– bring out paints, piping, stick-on eyes, crafts and glue to create your own Samoan coconut friend.

Whether you’re looking for a delicious treat or a fun family activity, the Samoan coconut is a classic that not only keeps the kids entertained, but brings the shores or Samoa right to your doorstep. You can buy coconuts at Coles or Woollies. Find all the activities here.

If these coconut activities inspire you further than your own backyard, Samoa has a host of family friendly activities and accommodations currently on offer. Click here for more information.

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