Modi Bodi giveaway

GIVEAWAY for the baby ladies!

Win some Prepared for School Modi Bodi prize packs – YAY!

When I was in high school, I spent approximately 22 per cent of my time focussing on work, a further 45 per cent thinking about boys, and the remaining 33 per cent dividing my concentration between whatever pimple had appeared on my face, and whether or not I was bleeding through my dress.

Because, yep, periods.

Whoever designed the Tamworth High School senior summer uniform should be publicly humiliated. It was WHITE, y’all. Sure, there was a fine blue check but it was mostly the worst tone in the world for girls who bleed out of their vaginas but also have to sit through 50 minute classes all day long.

One of my worst fears was standing up and discovering that I looked like I had been hanging out with Carrie at the prom. It made me incredibly anxious which is not what I needed as a unilaterally freaked out teenager.

This is why I am running this awesome period pants giveaway.

The cool babes over at Modi Bodi – the best, non-leakiest period pants – offered me 2 x Prepared for School packs, each including three RED by Modi Bodi underwear items for you ladies to win, presumably to give to the baby ladies in your lives to stuff in their backpacks underneath the phones and iPads and hovercrafts (or whatever it is young people take to school these days).

All you need to do to win is tell me your funniest/most horrifying high school humiliation story. Two most hilarious stories win – packs will be sent out in the correct sizes once winners have been notified.

Let the games begin!

2 comments on “GIVEAWAY for the baby ladies!

  1. I was a late bloomer. First or second year high school.

    Mortifyingly I was wearing Garfield undies on the day I first got my period. Sitting unlady-like cross-legged on the floor, a couple of school friends noticed, and whispered to me “looks like Garfield has been stabbed”, then gently accompanied me to the toilet.

    I will never buy my tweenager daughter animal print undies, in preparation of that day.

  2. I had a bad habit of talking in class and rolling my eyes when told to stop. My English teacher at Tamworth High School would Tell me to stop talking and I would roll my eyes. If course I kept talking, Then told to stand up the back and again rolled my eyes. Standing at the back of the room didn’t stop me, there were students in the back rows. I did love a chat so talked to whoever would participate. Last resort from teacher I was told to stop talking again, I rolled my eyes as I said ‘Yes Mrs M’. With that she would tell me to turn around and face the back wall so she couldn’t see my eyes. 😆😆

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