4 savvy ways of getting more from your next trip

Let’s face it, even with some serious shopping around, holidays are expensive. They are also precious, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to be savoured every step of the way. With those two things in mind, it only makes sense to get as much as possible from every trip and experience you have. Fortunately, you can find out how to do this with the tips below. 

Make planning fun 

Let’s begin with the planning stage. After all, the thought of planning your next adventure probably fills you with joy. Although the reality can be very different, what with all the information out there on every location, site, and activity. Indeed, getting overwhelmed with the sheer amount of info and trying to keep it all in some sort of organised state can be a tall order! 

The good news is that there are now tools that can help you do this. In particular, using a visual trip planner can work wonders both during the planning process, and when you arrive at your destination. This is because you can use a combination of mood boards and maps to create a well-organised plan for your trip that you can add your info to, and share with other trip members. Indeed, such tools help to make sure the fun begins at the very first step of the holiday process – the planning stage. 

Book a longer stay 

Another smart way to get more from your trip is to extend your usual stay duration. This means if you typically go for 7 days, why not 10 or even 14? Often the increase in costs is negligible compared to the additional time you receive, something that is due to the majority of the cost of most trips being associated with the flights. 

Of course, what you choose to do with your additional time in your chosen location is up to you. The temptation may be to try and fit even more exotic sights, and adventurous activities in. Although, taking some time in between busy fun-filled days can help you rest, recover, and be more present when you do have a full vacation agenda. Another great thing about staying longer on vacation is that you get to meet new people. Everyone is in a good mood when you’re on vacation and open to meeting new friends. So take advantage of the situation and strike up some conversations. You never know who you might meet or what connections you might make. Finally, staying longer on vacation allows you to experience the local culture. When you’re rushed, it’s easy to stick to the tourist traps and miss out on the authentic experiences that make travel so unique. But if you have some extra time, take a walk off the beaten path and explore the hidden gems of your destination. Whether it’s trying new food or attending a local festival, immersing yourself in the culture will give you memories that will last a lifetime. Seeing that you are spontaneous, why don’t you  Visit the Breweries of the Margaret River Region. So, don’t be upset the next time your vacation plans go off course. Instead, embrace the opportunity and see what unexpected treasures await you.

Consider upgrading/adding tour packages 

You can also get more from your next trip by upgrading your accommodation or adding tours to your package. The benefits of upgrading your accommodation will differ from venue to venue but may include more catered meals, a larger room or suite, or additional privileges such as access to the business lounge where they have free Wifi and snacks on demand. 

Adding tours is an option for those on package holidays and cruises, as well as independent travelers. This is because there tends to be a local industry based around popular tourist spots in travel locations. 

Of course, by booking tours, you can be sure you will see all the top sites, and you will get the benefit of a knowledgeable local guide too. Such tours can even be a safer option than going alone. 

Add a gastronomic angle to your trip 

Food (glorious food) can also help you enhance any trip you take, and many travelers now arrange their stops around the best places to partake of the local fair. The great thing about embracing the gastronomic angle of travel is that anyone on any budget can do it. After all, some of the most iconic fares in every city in the world is street food, which costs next to nothing and provides a unique insight into the lives of the locals. 

Another reason to embrace the local cuisine is that even when you are taking some downtime to rest and refuel you will be experiencing something distinctive about the area in which you are visiting, thus further enhancing your experience. 

Journal your experience 

Lastly, to truly get the most out of your next trip, why not commit to journaling your experience. There are many ways you can do this from completing a photo diary on social media to taking your pens and a sketchbook and drawing the most important spots on your route. Some people even like to use mini instant cameras that print photos there and then so they can build a smash book of their experiences as they go. 

Remember to collect ephemera like bus, train, and boat tickets as you travel, as well as napkins, leaflets and postcards from these places too. Then you can intersperse your journal with physical souvenirs as well as drawings and pictures and have a long-lasting keepsake of your trip. 

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