Hobart: Lastminute vs Airbnb

In round one of the UFC title fight between affordable accommodation sites, Airbnb kicked the ass on Lastminute.Airbnb

Lastminute in Hobart delivered two nights (Thursday and Friday) at the Blue Hills Motel for $233.50. The swanky Battery Point location was the only thing going for this unfortunate establishment. The room had all the ambience of a nursing home; mushroom pink curtains and furniture rescued from the curbside. The kindest thing I can say about this place is that the receptionist was friendly and the water pressure was excellent.

Compare this to the ultra fabulous warehouse conversion in West Hobart where we stayed in on the Saturday night for $141 and the Blue Hills ‘Bates’ Motel becomes a mouldering memory. Crisp, white linens, a modern kitchenette, a shiny white bathroom with confusing contemporary taps and a spacious lounge area make this option ultimately more luxurious. There was very little evidence to suggest that this was someone’s home. The presentation was impeccable – clean, uncluttered and comfortable. I loved it and would definitely opt for Airbnb over a hotel room if this experience is anything to go by.

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