Horsey holidays

By Emma Jane

There’s nothing quite like riding the ranges on horseback, flags of hair whipping the wind and the sky, in an ever present distance. Horses are powerful, curious and adventurous, carrying explorers across every imaginable landscape; a silent, watchful companion to some of the most monumental discoveries and events history has to offer. While your trek won’t go down in the history books, these horse-riding holidays will pull heartstrings and fond memories for a long time to come.

Buenos dias Signor Ed!

Andalucia, Spain

You may have heard of the dancing horses; high-stepping equine exhibitionists with a penchant for grace and affection, lauded world-wide for their mesmerising displays and ring-side chemistry. Andalucia, Spain is the home of the Andalusian, a warm-blooded equine beauty and an ambitious global traveller, soon to be your mount no doubt, as their talents extend to the hacking trail. There are many specialty and general horse-riding holidays in Jerez, catering to beginners, intermediates and saddle masters. After you’ve made a friend for life with a chin rub and a kind word, mount up and experience the fires of a Spanish sunset; the tidy rows of award winning vineyards; pristine national parks and flawless coastlines.

Tuscany, Italy

Treat your eyes and your horses’ hooves to the fresh grasses of the Tuscan countryside. Riders will be invited to tease their palette with premium vino, gallop a long stretch between clearing and castle and let loose the worries of real life in the serenity of Tuscany. If you’re feeling spirited and fancy-free, the famous sun-flower meadows is a must see – be inspired by natures art box. While lavish experiences are part in parcel spectres of beauty, history and awe, one must not forget the unique relationship between horse and rider – over a period of days, an intangible bond will form, unexplainable to the uninitiated and celebrated by equine adventurers everywhere.

Perigord, France

France possesses a proud history of equine excellence; while some children may grow up catching waves, flipping ollies or scoring goals, French children are almost born on horseback. The countryside is connected by an expansive network of cross-country trails and breath-taking scenery; if the glamour and debauchery of Paris is too exhausting, the natural wonders of Perigord will relieve, relax and enthral you with their essence. Explore castles, churches, trails, hidden paths and Renaissance treasures as your four legged friend walks, trots and canters across the valley and river terrains of Guyenne, Quercy and Perigord.


A melting pot of climates, terrains and cultures, Argentina is the gateway to an equine experience unlike any other. Packages and possibilities are endless; enjoy the day to day life of an Argentinian Rancher; find your seat on the Andes; try your hand and swing at Polo or challenge yourself to the ultimate horse lovers trail, cantering from the Andes to the Atlantic Ocean, in a matter of days. Every opportunity is a spectacle of visual pleasures, life-changing memories and self-affirming moments…all on the back of a horse.

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