Op Shop Week!

No better place to buy rosary beads, a $2 saucepan and a 1972 cookbook
No better place to buy rosary beads, a $2 saucepan and a 1972 cookbook

You could argue that it’s always Op Shop Week at my house but it actually is National Op Shop Week at the moment.

I love op shops. I bought tonnes of stuff for The Spark and I’s new place at the Vinnies in Glebe which is a paradise of cheap books, daggy platters, boxed up glassware that has never been used and ill-fitting dresses that nine-times-out-of-ten wind up back where they started.

I love supporting Vinnies because, a) most of the money goes to charity, b) ) it’s reusing existing things which is sustainable and ethical and, c) it’s way more interesting going treasure hunting at Vinnies than wandering the aisles of K-Mart. You get better quality things for a fraction of the price and, even if you buy a dud, it doesn’t matter because the money goes to charity and you’re not contributing to the ever-increasing piles of consumerist crap in the world.

In the spirit of National Op ShopWeek, I am going to share the locations of my favourite op shops:

1. Glebe Vinnies, 223 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe NSW.

2. Charing Cross Vinnies, 225 Bronte Rd, Waverley NSW.

3. Tamworth Lifeline, 3 Hill St, Tamworth NSW.

Do you have a favourite op shop? Care to spill the beans about where X is marking the spot?



2 comments on “Op Shop Week!

  1. Great post, Ms Em!

    I LOOOOOVE op shops! I’ve been shopping in them since I was a little mod girl in the ’80s – before the whole ‘vintage’ thing took off and you could still pick up excellent original ’50s and ’60s garb any day of the week, and dirt cheap too. These days all the good stuff is pillaged through the week (or never makes it to the charity shop, and is instead sold on Ebay!). I still have quite a few ’60s cocktail frocks and hand bags I bought in the ’80s. 🙂

    I kinda fell out of the op shop groove when I worked full time, but since going freelance I’ve rediscovered the thrill of the thrift shop hunt. Especially mid-week! I recently scored 2 pairs of Levis and 1 pair of Lee jeans all for under $60. And all in as-new condition! Alas, during Op Shop Week, I haven’t found a thing!

    My fave op shops are:
    Tempe Salvos (AKA Tempe Tip – great for kitting out your home, as well as your wardrobe!)
    All the op shops along Marrickville Road up to Dulwich Hill.
    Crows Nest Vinnies
    Brookvale Vinnies

    Next time I’m in Tamworth, I must check out the Lifeline there!

  2. Shh don’t tell anyone but West Ryde Vinnies has some treasures. I’ve unearthed a Tsumori Chisato tee (200 euros new) for $8 and nearly cried when i couldn’t fit into the BCBG Max Azria green silk skirt i found once.

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